Bose QC35 Sale, Noise Cancellation Headphone

Bose QC35 Sale

Bose QC35 Sale
Bose QC35 Sale

Bose QC35 Sale. The Bose has introduced the Bose QuiteComfort 35 headphones which so many people waiting for the release of Bose QuiteComfort 35. The sound was pretty good. Even on a busy street which almost didn’t hear any noise when start playing music. If compared to the previous version of the QC25, the QC35 will look very similar to a relatively light weight. It is slightly heavier if compare to the Bose QC25. Bose QC35 a weight 10.9 ounces or 309 grams, while the QC25 heavy 6.9 ounces or 196 grams . The one of a significant changing external design of the Bose QC35 is the width of the stripes. It the extended the band, which makes it a little more compact, and some may be more durable, too. The ear cups are made of synthetic leather. To help prevent sweaty and comfortable when wearing around the ears.

Bose QC35 Sale

Bose QuiteComfort 35 use rechargeable Battery lifespan of the battery is approximately 20 hours, which for a long time as well. Compared with the QC25-based Battery size 3A removable battery. In personally, I do not like to change a new battery go on. And I don’t have any problem difficult to charge batteries. But for some people may prefer to use standards battery and willing to buy a new one to change it.

Bose QC35 Sale
Bose QC35 Sale

Bose QC35 Sale. Another advantage of the Bose QC35 wire headphone can work well. If the Battery is used until it empty, Bose QuietComfort 35 provide a 47.2-inch cord is included. But you just can not use noise-cancellation or Bluetooth. However, with the fit of the earcup which provided a fair amount of noise-isolate. When you turn on the power, the feature of equalization and digital processing will do smooth sound out and improve the sound quality to better. So the Bose QC35 is ideal to your headphones.

For the safety in aviation, Some airlines have restrictions for using Bluetooth during the flight, but the Bose QC35 Price also comes with a corded option for airplane use. It is used to Plug into your’s seat for enjoying music or watching a movie during the flight. This is it. another advantage compared to the QC30 in-ear Bluetooth headphone. it can use as a wireless headphone only and not a corded option.

Bose QC35 Sale

Bose QC35 Cheap
Bose QC35 Sale

You can adjust the volume of voice, control playing (play/pause/skip tracks or go back to the previous song). Including a receive the call or ending call via integrated remote by press button on the right of the earcup. Bose QC35 can also connect app for android and iOS devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone 6S, MacBook Air. Hence, you can match headphone with 2 devices at the same time. And switch between the 2 devices.

Bose QC35 Price. In the future, Bose may add new features as Bose Connect app. But for now, the basic features that you can manage your paring, upgrade the firmware or manage auto power off / on by setting. You can set to power off when you do not use for any period of time and it will save battery life. And when you open your headphone, the female voice warn you of how much battery life and with which devices you are matched. With designed to operate as the advanced wireless headset, if the environment is a noisy crowd or wind noise, the callers can hear your voice better and as you can hear yourself as you speak clear. You do not need to add any sound.
The Bose QC35 Sale is available in black or silver.

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 Model  Bose QuietComfort 35 Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone Sony Wireless MDR-100ABN/B
Brand  Bose Sony  Sony
Weight  10.9 ounces 10.2 ounces 10.2 ounces
Dimension 3.1″ x 6.7″ x 7.1″ 7″ x 4.8″ x 9.2″  8″ x 7″ x 4.4″
Feature Wireless Noise-Cancellation Wireless Noise-Cancellation, handfree  Wireless Noise-Cancellation


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones


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