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Hi-Fi Wireless Connectivity

Buy Sony MDR100X/B. Sony MDR 1000X Wireless Headphone with hi-fi connection power is made for you. Therefore, this headphone can be linked by you with multiple IOS devices via Bluetooth. Moreover, NFC (Near Field Communication) enhances the efficiency of Sony MDR 1000X Wireless Headphone. You are able to trigger as well as deactivate the NFC. Activate for wireless connection and deactivate for disconnection.

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[ Buy Sony MDR100x/b ] Get The Clearest Sounds

Enjoy the increase appears to be with Sony MDR 1000X Cordless Headphone. The tones shipped by this headphone will surely get the attention. Because their clarity is unbeatable. Furthermore, for tuning in ultra-clear does sound put your give the right circular hearing glass carefully. This covering diverts your attention towards ambient tones instantly.

Where To Buy Sony MDR100x/b

Enjoy High-Sensitive Music

Sony MDR 1000X Cordless Headphone with 40mm individuals is an outstanding headphone for audio tracks music. Therefore, these highly-sensitive drivers make sounds valuable. Additionally, this headphone has an excellent occurrence range that is 40 KHz. So, let yourself enjoy music and have the feel artist with Sony MDR 1000X Cordless Headphone. Due to the profound bass support every lyric of the keep track of for your maximum fun, Buy Sony MDR100X/B.

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Noise Isolation [ Buy Sony MDR100x/b ]

Sony MDR 1000X Wireless Headphone includes the latest noise-reduction technology. So, your aspiration headset is within your cost range now. Buy it and pay attention to boom music with full attention. The primary function of the sound cancelling technology is to amuse you with quality music in professional scenario. In addition, you can wear Sony MDR 1000X Cordless Headphone when you are on the highway. It’ll mute the environment and make your tuning in experience more peaceful. Sony experts want to take away the irritating sounds of advance technologies. So enjoy music in a peaceful situation with Sony MDR 1000X Cellular Headphone.

Where To Buy Sony MDR100x/b Cheap


For increasingly more entertainment Sony MDR 1000X Cordless Headphone has 20-hours battery-life. Therefore, you can enjoy long length calls and wireless playback sounds for maximum time. For managing music or call a touch-panel is on the headphone. Readout instructions for operating this penal. This touch penal is on the headphone’s right ear canal cup.

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[ buy Sony MDR100x/b ] Sound Modes

You will find two types of audio modes for hearing important sounds. First is normal mode and another is voice mode. You are able to set Sony MDR 1000X Wireless Headphone on normal mode for listening background appears like traffic sound. In case the headphone is defined by you on the tone of voice mode you’ll be able to hear important business announcements. Moreover, in both mode settings, you can continually listen to music.

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone, Black (MDR1000X/B)